We serve patients around the world and give them access to a world-renowned group of expert surgeons.

Whether you live in Miami, Florida or Fairbanks, Alaska, OrthoLive has you covered with the most well-respected providers in the field. Because of our intimate knowledge of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine we are capable of diagnosing and treating an exhaustive list of orthopaedic conditions. We feel that telemedicine should support, not replace, traditional care. Patients love the convenience, responsiveness and quality that OrthoLive provides. Become a patient!

Providers also use OrthoLive as a launchpad for their telemedicine service.

Our service, free for providers, enables patients to overcome the inconveniences and interruptions of follow-up office visits, and barriers to health services caused by distance and access to transportation. Telemedicine increases access to care and has been proven to improve quality of care delivery. OrthoLive itself has proven to improve patient and provider engagement and satisfaction in a pilot study at a private practice institution. Telemedicine has been shown to increase provider revenue and free time by improving office efficiency and decreasing overhead. Let us show you how!

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