Dr. Michael Greiwe

“Telemedicine is the best thing that has happened to orthopaedic patients since the advent of joint replacement. The convenience and efficiency for patients to see a provider face-to-face over their phone, or at their work or home computer is phenomenal. The impact in terms of quality of life, patient satisfaction and health care economics will make telemedicine mainstream in a matter of a few years. At OrthoLive, we are leading the way in Orthopaedic telemedicine.”

Dr. Greiwe is committed to providing orthopaedic care in the most efficient, accurate and effective way possible. Dr. Greiwe attended the University of Notre Dame, where he won the prestigious Knute Rockne Award for excellence in academics and athletics. In 2010, Dr. Greiwe completed a fellowship in shoulder, elbow and sports medicine at Columbia University.

Dr. Greiwe was named a “Top Doctor” by Cincinnati Magazine in 2014, 2015, 2016, and again in 2017. He was also selected as a Finalist for the Cincinnati Business Courier’s “2014 Health Care Heroes” Innovator Award for his work in research and advanced surgical techniques. He won the Legacy Leadership Award for Health Care in 2014. Dr. Greiwe also serves as the Editor of the shoulder and elbow textbook, Shoulder & Elbow Trauma and its Complications, published by Elsevier in 2015. He has authored numerous other book chapters and articles in the field of shoulder, elbow and sports medicine. Recently, Dr. Greiwe developed a novel rotator cuff-sparing method for shoulder replacement, improving recovery time and pain post-operatively.

Milton Chen, Ph.D, CEO of VSee

“Telemedicine has not taken off because it is expensive and complex. Over the last few years, I have visited Iraq twice, and taken more than two dozen trips to Africa and Mideast, I have seen countless examples where telemedicine could make a huge impact on people’s lives. Toward making telemedicine any everyday experience across the world, I am grateful to have a band of VSee brothers and sisters from whom I learn everyday; their energy and dedication fuels me to be more optimistic about the future every morning.”

Milton did his PhD at Stanford University on the human factors and design of video collaboration; Milton was also the co-author of XMPP video standard (XMPP is used by Google Talk and Facebook Chat). Milton has deployed telehealth for Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Mandy Moore, the band Linkin Park and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Milton has also worked in refugee camps from Syria to South East Asia to Africa.

Josh Ketter

“As an ortho patient myself, I’ve experienced the inefficiency in medicine, making multiple trips, waiting forever to see the Dr. I’m excited to see OrthoLive come to life and make it easier for both patients and providers–it’s about time we shake things up.”

Josh Ketter is a Global CFO/COO has 14+ years of demonstrated results in high profile corporations, such as Amazon.com, Deloitte & Touche, and Target. His experience encompasses Retail, eCommerce, Technology, Operations, and Corporate Strategy… for both Fortune 50’s and startups. He’s driven $1B+ of incremental sales, $800M+ of EBIT savings, worked on $1B+ of M&A, and negotiated over $1B of contracts in his career. Josh is renowned for thinking big and diving deep–he uses innovative data/analytics to deliver business insights, is a champion of lean/continuous improvements, and truly understands the investments that are required to bring a winning strategy to life.

Andy Edwards

“It’s incredibly exciting to be apart of a team that is making healthcare more accessible and affordable. I believe in just a few years telehealth will be a very prevalent part of mainstream healthcare.”

Andy Edwards is originally from the Pacific Northwest and grew up around technology powerhouses like Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon. Andy is a natural problem solver and passionate about using technology to make life more efficient and productive. Andy started as a Project Manager in the telecommunications industry and quickly branched into software development. For the past 5 years he has been leading software development teams creating both mobile and web applications.

Mary Beth McNeil

“Contributing towards OrthoLive’s launch into telehealth has been so satisfying – I know that my efforts help people like myself connect with the very best (board certified) providers in a responsive, caring and cost-efficient environment. The physicians, themselves, will be the first to tell you that OrthoLive doesn’t replace traditional healthcare; but rather, it enhances care and makes it far more affordable for both the provider and the patient. Working with OrthoLive has given me an opportunity to envision healthcare as it ought to be.”

Mary Beth McNeil, Secretary and researcher for OrthoLive, currently lives in Tampa, FL. Mary Beth is passionate about learning – ‘even outside of her comfort zones’ and about making a difference through relationships, not merely through business roles. Recently, Mary Beth added the study of Health Information Management to her resume. She is a mother, wife and grandmother of four, an entrepreneur with businesses in different realms – Accounting, Topiary and Travel. “I think I’ve done well in these areas because I am detail oriented, and because I tune in to what people need and hope to accomplish. Connecting with people and being challenged to think outside of the box is risky but certainly a lot more fun.”
McNeil’s clients, other than OrthoLive, include “The White House”, Busch Gardens, the movie, Edward Scissorshand, SeaWorld.

David Schumacher

“What OrthoLive is doing to medicine is what Henry Ford did to cars – both bet that the users of the old will be converts to a new and much more efficient method that is available to everyone. I firmly believe that OrthoLive will succeed in its mission of providing an excellent product at low costs to all – from the rural farmer to the C-suite.”

David Schumacher is a born and bred Cincinnatian. He attended Northern Kentucky University with honors and is currently pursuing his J.D. at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. He has worked with entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

His goal is not to be know as just a “good attorney”, but to be known as an innovator who dares to take risks. In a profession of sheer risk aversion, he seeks to break the status quo.

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